Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a GP Referral required to access private therapy?

No. Parents/carers do not need a GP referral in order access private speech and language therapy, simply contact me directly.



2. When is private speech and language therapy suitable?

There are a variety of reasons that may lead a family to consider accessing private speech and language therapy such as;

  • Parents/carers would like advice about a concern they have but wish to bypass the NHS or avoid being placed on a waiting list.
  • A child has been seen by the NHS but parents/carers feel the child requires more intensive or direct therapy from a Speech and Language Therapist in order to make faster progress.
  • Parents/carers would like to seek a second opinion from an Independent Therapist.

Regardless of the reasons for seeking private speech and language therapy we are happy to see any child that a parent/carer is concerned about in the Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch area.



3. Will the Therapist make contact with my child's school/nursery?


Yes. Therapists are happy to liaise by telephone with a staff member at a child's school/nursery in order to explain the results of a child's assessment and/or the activities and strategies contained within their therapy programme. If you would prefer a school/nursery visit or if you would like the Therapist to attend a meeting, this can be arranged for an additional fee based on the time required.



4. Do you provide Statement/EHCP assesments reports or reports for Education Tribunals?


 We do not supply reports for the purpose of SLT provision or placements. Instead, we are happy to feed information into a report produced in collaboration with NHS colleagues.



5. What if I need to cancel or re- arrange a scheduled session?


Please contact the Therapist 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. The full fee of the session will be held if you do not attend without cancelling or if less than 24 hours notice is given. If you are late, you will be charged in full but the appointment will end at the scheduled time.



6. Can I access private speech and language therapy through private health insurance?


Families using private health insurance are responsible for paying the fees and then claiming from their health insurance company. It is advised that parents/carers check with their providers as to their level of cover before agreeing to therapy. Please note that Bright Talkers is not currently a registered BUPA provider.



7. When is private therapy suitable for schools?


In instances where the school wants more input or support; or where a greater degree of autonomy over the kind of service it receives is sought. Therapists can attend a school/nursery for regular sessions in order to assess children and create packages of care, which may take the form of group therapy or individualized 1:1 therapy.


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