Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Services

Complimentary Initial Telephone Consultation


A FREE initial telephone consultation is offered to discuss any concerns you have regarding your child’s speech and language development and the services that are available. We can answer any questions you may have to enable you to decide if private speech and language therapy is right for you and your child.












Initial Assessment

At the first appointment a full assessment of your child’s communication skills will be undertaken. This will include taking a history from you in regard to your child’s development and directly assessing your child’s communication skills. Assessment may include formal assessment (using standardised assessments) and/or informal assessment (where activities and games are used to ascertain your child’s skills). The assessment methods used will reflect your child’s age, developmental level and the nature of their communication difficulties. The appointment can take place at the child's home, school/childcare setting or in a Bournemouth clinic space depending on the preference of the family.


Children can naturally feel apprehensive when working with a new adult and so time is taken to build rapport. Encouragement and reinforcement is used throughout to help ensure a relaxed, positive environment is maintained and that the child feels at ease.


Once the assessment is complete, time is given to feedback to parents/carers and agree the next course of action. There is no obligation for speech and language therapy following assessment. Written feedback is provided to be shared with the child's school/childcare provision and a formal report, detailing the assessment findings, can be provided on request.

Speech & Language Therapy

If speech and language therapy is agreed upon, a therapy plan will be developed to address your child’s specific speech, language and communication needs. It is vital that target setting is collaborative between parents, child and therapist to achieve the best possible outcomes. I will liaise with a key staff member at your child’s school/nursery (with permission from parents) to ensure activities and strategies are carried through to all environments as we know this enhances the child’s progress. A written therapy programme to take home can be provided on request.












Services for Schools and Nurseries in Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch


Small group training can be provided to schools and nurseries to support the identification of speech, language and communication difficulties as well as training on specific strategies. Schools and nurseries can also commission additional speech and language therapy input for their setting. 


Please make contact to discussion your specific requirements. 

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